Top up

Prepaid International

Checking calling credit balance.
You can check your balance at anytime by calling 1244. If you are out of credit, you will still be able to receive calls within The Netherlands.

Check calling credit balance while abroad.
You can check your balance abroad, by calling 1344. The call will be disconnected and you will receive an SMS message with your current balance.

Topping up calling credit.
You can top up your T-Mobile PrePaid International calling credit in various ways. You can top up online or use a top up voucher, for instance.

  • Online top-up.
    Online top-up allows you to top up both easily and safely via As you are paying by means of iDeal, the top up amount will be added to your balance straightaway.
  • Topping up using a voucher.
    You can top up your balance using a T-Mobile voucher which you can buy at many different retail outlets such as T-Mobile Shops, telecom shops, supermarkets and drugstores. Call 1244 free of charge and follow the instructions on how to top up using the code on the voucher.

Calling credit validity.
Each time you actively use your T-Mobile PrePaid International SIM card, T-Mobile will extend the validity of your calling credit balance by six months. 'Active use' refers to all incoming and outgoing calls, SMS messages, Internet use and top ups.