Wholesale Services

Our one-stop-shop business model allows our Wholesale partners to find the right solution for any business need, without having to connect to multiple access providers. Our service portfolio is continuously evolving to adapt to the changing needs in the connectivity business.

Ethernet Circuits
via Fiber, Copper, or Radio

With Ethernet Circuits, T-Mobile Wholesale offers you flexible, scalable, and future-proof broadband connections based on Ethernet technology at attractive wholesale rates. This allows you to use our infrastructure as the base layer for your own services, such as Internet, VPN or VOIP. Ethernet Circuits can be based on Fiber, Copper, or Radio.

Ethernet DSL Circuits

Ethernet DSL Circuits is an access service that allows you to support multiple services per location via logical channels. This service allows you to offer trustworthy broadband services that can service as the base layer on which services such as Internet Access, VPN, VOIP and payments can be built.

Internet Access
via Fiber or DSL

Whether it is Business Internet via DSL, or Internet Access via Fiber: T-Mobile Wholesale can provide it all. By using our Internet Access services, you don’t have to worry about building and managing your own services: we’ll make sure that all your customer’s Internet Access needs are met.

Third-party access

T-Mobile Wholesale is the only one-stop-shop access provider in The Netherlands. We provide access on our own national footprint, but are also able to provide access on the KPN, Eurofiber, VodafoneZiggo, and Trent footprints.


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